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Tenneco Systems Protection (TSP) utilizes a customer focused engineering model to quickly solve technical problems and support customer challenges. From application engineering in the field through new product design and testing, we strive to provide excellent technical support in all aspects of the engineering process.

TSP employs an extensive global technical team to support both design and manufacturing challenges. When needed, we are available to work with our customers onsite to help diagnose problems, identify root causes, and select the right product from a comprehensive product portfolio to ensure that each unique application is addressed.

Drawing from a wealth of experience and proven success in the field, we can assist in reverse engineering, application modeling, and customized testing to help simulate the application so a solution can be quickly identified and validated.

TSP embraces the demand for new products in the ever changing marketplace. Collaborating with our customers on the development of new products, we are dedicated to supporting the complete process from problem identification, through design and testing, and finally ensuring that implementation and documentation is smooth and complete.

As a solution provider, we want to be the first call you make when you have a problem. Providing technical value and service, we are here to help.