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Tenneco Systems Protection (TSP) is committed to providing our customers with outstanding technical support in all stages of the product application process. From material selection and product development through qualification and application specific testing, our world-class technology centers utilize state-of-the art test equipment to simulate real-life conditions and evaluate the full breadth of our product performance. Our testing capabilities are continually expanding to support our customer’s needs and provide evaluation for the following:

  • Acoustical: sound damping and absorption
  • Crash / Impact: custom crash scenario simulation, dynamic cut-through, and drop energy
  • EMI (Electromagnetic Interference): transfer impedance, shielding effectiveness and electrical resistance
  • Environmental: flammability, smoke density, toxicity, fluids exposure, durability, fogging, stone impingements, salt spray, and humidity
  • Material Analysis: melting point, specific heat, infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), emissivity, thermal conductivity.
  • Mechanical: abrasion resistance, tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, vibration resistance, peel strength, flexural strength
  • Thermal: Thermal effectiveness, and thermal containment / insulation
Our ability to quickly understand and simulate customer specific scenarios, utilize predictive modeling and conduct extensive testing enables us to deliver the optimal level of protection for each application. In the event that a relevant test method does not exist, our teams work to develop new test methods that accurately quantify product performance. This knowledge and experience results in TSP team members routinely serving on industry technical committees and working with our customers to develop OEM specific product performance specifications.

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Our technical teams are at your disposal to define, develop and conduct the tests most appropriate to your applications needs.