Tenneco Systems Protection (TSP) is the world’s foremost supplier of protective sleeving and shielding solutions for wires, hoses, and mechanical assemblies.

As the proud designer and manufacturer of Bentley-Harris products, we offer a comprehensive line of high quality solutions intended to protect or improve system performance across a broad range of applications. With dedicated product lines focused on reducing the effects of mechanical wear, impact damage, and thermal degradation, TSP can help to extend component life and reduce service cost. Additionally, complementary product families target thermal insulation, reduction of electromagnetic interference, and noise attenuation, as well as bundling and routing control, to ensure that systems operate at optimum levels and deliver the ideal user experience.

With sales offices, technical centers, and manufacturing facilities located throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, TSP delivers innovative products to a broad customer base within a number of different markets including automotive, aerospace, defense, and railway, as well as a host of other transportation and industrial segments.
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Due to the diverse needs and extensive qualification requirements unique to each industry, please refer to the appropriate market and its individual product lines below:
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Electric vehicle battery pack protection solutions from Systems Protection are designed to mitigate the risk of thermal runaway. As it pertains to EV battery products, thermal runaway occurs when an exothermic process triggers a chain of events that result in an accelerated and uncontrollable increase in temperature.
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With industry recognition through specifications from all major aircraft manufacturers worldwide, Tenneco's aerospace / defense product line provides specially designed solutions to various segments of the aircraft market, including large commercial aircraft, fighter jets, business jets, regional jets, UAVs, and satellites.

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Serving all major automotive OEM's worldwide, TSP’s automotive product line includes a comprehensive portfolio of products used across all segments of the light vehicle market including cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs, and crossovers as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Our full line of products designed for the railway industry have been extensively tested to the various regional requirements of our railway customers, and can be used to protect wire harnesses and cable assemblies in several areas of a railway car including in cabin, in chassis, under carriage, and within electrical cabinets.  Applications include high speed trains, monorails, rolling stock, and light rail.

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Designed to meet the rugged requirements of the commercial vehicle market as well as to assist our customers in meeting permissible emissions standards, our heavy truck product line includes a comprehensive portfolio of products used across all segments of the commercial vehicle market with a focus on Class 5 through 8 vehicles, including both vocational and on-highway trucks.

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With applications ranging from construction and agricultural equipment to ATVs and snowmobiles, Tenneco’s Off-Road product line addresses a number of thermal and abrasion issues caused by the harsh environments these types of vehicles are exposed to.  From dirt and moisture to salt spray and vibration caused by rough terrain, our Off-Road product line withstands the toughest conditions.

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Tenneco’s Electronics product line includes a number of UL Recognized Components, including the popular Expando® brand of sleeving.  Used primarily for the mechanical and EMI protection of wire harnesses, these products cover a wide range of applications from consumer electronics to telecommunications equipment to power supplies.

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Utilizing products designed to meet the most challenging temperature environments, Tenneco’s Industrial product line includes the well-known Fyrejacket® sleeving product as well as sleeves constructed from unique materials such as ceramic and silica fibers.  This product line covers a diverse set of customer needs, with applications ranging from industrial steel mills to mining equipment to oil drilling.

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Protective Sleeving Wire, Hose, and Cable Shielding
Systems Protection, a Tenneco Business Group, proudly designs and manufactures Bentley-Harris products and offers a comprehensive line of high-quality protective sleeving solutions. Our hose, cable, and wire shielding preserves and optimizes system performance across numerous applications ranging from aerospace to heavy construction equipment.

Tenneco has dedicated product lines focused on mitigating thermal degradation, limiting impact damage, and reducing the effects of mechanical wear. TSP uses these innovative protective sleeving technologies to reduce maintenance costs and maximize the service life of mission-critical equipment. We also offer complementary product lines that:

      Provide acoustic protection
      Reduce electromagnetic interference
      Provide thermal insulation
Systems Protection has been in operation for over 100 years. Today, Systems Protection has manufacturing facilities, technical centers, and sales offices across five continents. Our expansive customer base includes industry leaders in the automotive, aerospace, defense, railway, and electronics markets.

The Industries We Serve
At Systems Protection, a Tenneco Business Group, we understand that every industry has unique protective sleeving requirements and regulatory demands. To support our clientscompliance efforts while simultaneously ensuring optimal product performance for their specific use cases, we have cultivated separate wire shielding product lines for a variety of industries, including:

Systems Protection serves all major automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide via our automotive product line. This line includes an extensive portfolio of protective sleeving and cable/hose shielding, which we include in all manner of light vehicle applications, including SUVs, crossovers, cars, and light to medium-duty pickup trucks.

In addition, as a perennial innovator, Systems Protection designs protective sleeving for the electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid vehicle markets. Our EV shielding can help to maximize the lifespan of wiring harnesses that are subjected to high voltage and amperage for prolonged periods. 

Systems Protections aerospace & defense product line provides specialized solutions for core segments of the aircraft market. We offer protective sleeving designed for use in satellites, UAVs, regional jets, business craft, fighter jets, and large commercial aircraft.

It is absolutely vital that an aircrafts wiring infrastructure be reliable — everything from profits and customer satisfaction to safety and even national security can hinge on it. When such important factors are on the line, aerospace manufacturers turn to TSP.

To help our clients maintain safety and compliance, Systems Protection has created a railway industry product line that has been tested extensively in accordance with the varying regional requirements of our customer base.

Our protective sleeving can be used to safeguard cable assemblies and wire harnesses in several areas of a railway car, including the undercarriage, electrical cabinets, and the chassis and cabin. Systems Protection wire sheathing can be found in light rail, rolling stock, monorail, and high-speed train applications.
System Protections industrial products prioritize thermal resistance, as prolonged exposure to high temperatures is common in the industrial setting. Our product line includes FyreJacket protective sleeving, which offers exceptional thermal protection. We also provide wire sheathing made of unique materials like silica fibers or ceramic.

System Protections industrial-grade protective sleeving can be found in oil drilling operations, steel mills, mining facilities, and other harsh environments. Our cable, wire, and hose shielding can withstand prolonged indoor or outdoor use and hold up in extreme temperatures.

As part of our commitment to innovation, Systems Protection has created an entire line of protective sleeving for the electronics sector, which includes several UL-recognized components. By adhering to standards such as UL, we ensure exceptional product quality, performance, and reliability. In particular, our Expando brand of protective sleeving is a core UL-recognized offering. It is commonly used for abrasion and mechanical protection.

Systems Protections protective sleeving can be found in a broad array of applications, including power supply equipment, telecommunications systems, and consumer electronics. Our patented technology protects wire harnesses from normal wear and tear. It also helps prevent situational damage that can occur when the product is exposed to particularly harsh environments.

Systems Protections Off-Road product line addresses key abrasion and thermal issues that can be caused by harsh environmental factors, including exposure to moisture, dirt, debris, and extreme temperatures. TSPs protective sleeving can also withstand vibration caused by rough terrain, salt spray, and extreme weather.

Our Off-Road products are commonly found in adventure vehicles such as snowmobiles and ATVs. They are also used in agricultural equipment and construction machinery.

Heavy Truck
At Systems Protection, a Tenneco Business Group, we serve clients in the commercial vehicle market. When doing so, we prioritize helping customers meet permissible emissions standards.

Simultaneously, we provide protective sleeving that maximizes the longevity of heavy trucks and other equipment that is exposed to rigorous conditions. Our heavy truck product line includes wire sheathing. It also consists of cable and hose shielding solutions, with a focus on Class 5 through Class 8 vehicles.

Systems Protection services clients who maintain fleets of on-highway trucks, such as semis. Additionally, we work with clients who use vocational service trucks, which are often equipped with supplementary machinery such as lifts and booms.

Our Protective Sleeving Products and Services
The core purpose of Systems Protection, a Tenneco Business Group’s, line of protective sleeving and cable shielding solutions is to preserve the function of wire harnesses and electrical infrastructure.

However, we have diversified our product line to address specific industry-use cases and protection concerns. We offer products and services for:

Abrasion Protection
Our abrasion protection products are available in a range of temperature thresholds, running from 125°C to 260°C. We also offer abrasion-resistant protective sleeving in both wrappable and tubular constructions to address complex wire harness designs.

While this product line prioritizes abrasion protection, it also withstands toxicity, smoke, flame, and vibration. These products are commonly used in automotive, off-road and heavy construction applications. However, they can also be applied to any other design where abrasion resistance is a chief concern.

Battery Protection
Offering a diverse array of battery protection solutions has never been more important, and the rise of EVs has created a new need within the protective sleeving space. TSP has stepped in to fill this void.

Tenneco Systems Protection offers a range of battery protection solutions, including electrical insulation that can withstand thresholds greater than 2.5kV in dielectric strength. We also offer battery crash protection at application-specific energy levels and thermal runaway protection products.

Crash Protection
Tenneco Systems Protection also offers protective sleeving solutions that are designed to provide optimal crash protection. The sheathings offer superior energy absorption and excellent cut-through resistance. Our crash protection sheathing is also available in orange, which allows emergency services personnel to easily identify high-voltage cables, a common element in EV production.

TSPs crash protection products can additionally be used in heavy trucks. There are many uses in commercial and recreational off-road equipment as well.
EMI Protection
Systems Protection offers a variety of protective sleeving designed to protect wire harnesses from electromagnetic interference. We offer low-weight EMI shielding options for both low- and high-voltage applications. All our EMI wire shielding features stable woven construction, which provides consistent performance regardless of application diameter.

Our EMI shielding products are available with integrated grounding solutions. Additionally, we can provide surface transfer impedance testing services at one of our international technology centers. This allows us to ensure that the product meets your intended protection thresholds.

Fire Protection
Tenneco Systems Protections line of fire protection products includes hose and cable shielding, as well as wrappable wire sheathing. Our tier-one fire protection products can provide up to 15 minutes of fire resistance at a temperature of 2,000°F.

In addition, our fire protection products help hose manufacturers meet their industrys stringent flammability standards. The wrappable design expedites installation time, thereby enabling our clients to reduce labor costs and simultaneously increase efficiency.
Thermal Protection
Systems Protection offers a comprehensive line of thermal protection solutions, including radiant heat products. We also offer wrappable and tubular insulative heat protection sleeving. Our customizable heat shield protection products can be equipped with holes, tabs, and notches to align with client use cases.

Tenneco Systems Protections thermal protection solutions are used in heavy truck, construction, off-road, and aviation applications. In addition, we offer protective sleeving and hose/cable shielding for automotive clients. These products are trusted by OEMs worldwide.

Global Testing Services
Systems Protection, a Tenneco Business Group, offers custom global testing services that cover a broad range of performance requirements. We can create custom tests to assess the crash, radiant heat, flammability, and abrasion resistance of protective sleeving. You can use our services to demonstrate compliance and optimize wire harness longevity.

Additionally, we have a global team of application and commercial engineers that can assist in solving your unique design needs. If you require a protective sleeving built just for your design, Systems Protection can assist. Once you approve the design, we can create and test a working prototype to verify that the deliverable meets your expectations.

Why Brands Turn to Tenneco for Protective Sleeving
Tenneco Systems Protection is the premier name in protective sleeving. We provide robust solutions that help to insulate and protect cables, hoses, wires, and other critical components.

Hundreds of clients put their trust in Tenneco Systems Protection when manufacturing mission-critical machinery and equipment. Clients turn to Tenneco for many reasons, including for our:

Innovative Wire Protector Sleeves
For decades, Tenneco Systems Protections wire sheathing solutions have been at the forefront of innovation. Numerous competitors have emulated our wire shielding designs in an attempt to duplicate our product quality. Despite these efforts, Tennecos wire sleeves remain the most robust, reliable, and durable in the world.

Regardless of what industry you operate within, you are constantly pushing the limits of what is possible in terms of efficiency and productivity. Tennecos wire shielding can help you go a step further by ensuring that your equipments critical electrical infrastructure remains intact in even the harshest environments.

Exceptional Customer Service
Without exception, Tenneco Systems Protections wire sleeves are the best in the world. But we dont just offer a world-class product. We also support our clients via an exceptional customer service team.

Whether you need a quote for protective sleeving, have questions about a particular use case, or encounter a concern, our team is standing by to assist. We provide multiple ways to connect with us, which means you can obtain the support you need whenever and however you prefer.

To proceed with your important equipment design project, you must have access to all mission-critical materials, including your protective sleeving. Systems Protection helps you minimize delays with our responsiveness. We process quotes, develop new solutions, and deliver with exceptional efficiency. As a result, you can simply get back to business.

Systems Protection offers industry-leading turnaround times on all services. We have a team of trusted advisors, sales reps, and consultants, each of whom specializes in working with clients in specific industries. This approach helps us more effectively meet the needs of a broad range of clients.

Global Footprint
In our century-long history, Systems Protection, a Tenneco Business Group, has created a truly global footprint that spans multiple continents. This worldwide reach has allowed us to create a diverse team that understands the needs of our international client base.

We can provide protective sleeving solutions that align with relevant industry regulations. In turn, your business can both ensure compliance and adhere to best practices that maximize equipment performance.

Our global footprint also supports our rapid response times. We have support teams located in multiple time zones, thereby allowing us to deliver expedited assistance to our expansive client list.

Need Innovative Protective Sleeving? Connect with Systems Protection, a Tenneco Business Group
As the global leader in wire protector sleeves and cable shielding, Systems Protection, a Tenneco Business Group, can accommodate all of your organizations wire sheathing needs. Whether you need custom cable or hose shielding solutions or a top-quality standardized wire protective sleeve, we can accommodate you.

We combine exceptional products with world-class customer service and a commitment to innovation. In so doing, we ensure that you have access to the very best shielding in existence.

To learn more about our hose shielding and wire protective sleeve solutions, contact Systems Protection. We will gladly create a custom quote and assist with product recommendations.